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Boat builders, join the amphibious revolution! Create a new product, new markets and new brand associations, taking your business to the next amphibious level.

Partner with the world leader in amphibious technology to create your own range of Sealegs powered amphibious crafts.

Single Handed Operation
Adventure in areas where traditional boats can't
Rapid transition between land and water

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Sealegs-enabled boats make the ultimate pleasure crafts, the fastest first response vehicle or an effective tactical interceptor. Whatever your current market, Sealegs Amphibious Enablement Systems (AES) can make it better.
Sealegs have been making amphibious crafts for more than a decade, helping people realise the benefits of amphibious boating the world over.

Sealegs have exported their crafts to more than 55 countries around the world and have produced and shipped over 1500 Sealegs in more than a decade of production.
Sealegs have developed the Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES) so that other boat builders can transform their crafts with amphibious capability. Contact us to learn how Sealegs can revolutionize your boating.


1 redesign your existing hull

The donor hull is the name given to a potential design being fitted with a Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES). There are some specifications that need to be met, but we help you through all of those.
Sealegs steps you through the whole process and provides you with the all documentation, training and support you may need.

The technical specifications give us an idea of how the AES will integrate with your boat, and how much modification will be required.
The drawings let us help you with design, ensuring the kit is fitted at the right height and that any strengthening that is required is designed to suit.

The size and weight of the donor hull will determine the appropriate AES. System selection is decided in part by adding the gross vehicle weight and calculated payload together.
The gross vehicle weight is calculated by summing the collective weights of the selected Sealegs AES, base dry weight of a donor hull, inboard or outboard, full complement of fuel and the heaviest combination of any additional options.

We know the process of Sealegs integration may seem daunting, which is why Sealegs offer full and comprehensive technical support before, during and after your project is successfully completed.


With technical specifications, drawings and weight analysis, Sealegs can begin to assist with technical feasibility analysis, design and prototyping. A successful integration between Sealegs and your boat is the ultimate goal, so we encourage our partners to make use of our expertise, technology and patents.

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • CAD design and full schematics
  • Initial prototype and integration engineering
  • Aluminium and fibreglass integration epertise
  • Training and installtion instruction
  • Patent and design protection
  • System commissioning
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2 add amphibious enablement system

Sealegs has developed AES for a wide range of boat sizes and weights. Check the table for specifications of our Enablement Systems.

Once the size of Amphibious Enablement System has been determined, the next task to decide on the best choice of inboard powerpack integration to choose: the Hydrapak or the Hydrasol.

Amphibious Enablement Systems System 70 System 100
Maximum gross vehicle weight
Including outboard, hull system, payload & fuel
3,000 kg
6,600 lbs
7,500 kg
(16,500 lbs)
Maximum donor vessel length
Excluding wheels
9 m
29 “
12 m
39 “
Cooling Air cooled Air or radiator
(Aqua Air)
Tyres 26” x 11” 37.4” x 19.6”
Top speed 7 kph AWD
4.3 mph
9 kph AWD
5.6 mph
System weight 550 kg
1212 lbs
1800 kg
3968 lbs
Power Briggs & Stratton 35 HP (petrol) Kubota 97 HP (diesel)
Max torque 3,000 Nm 9,300 Nm
System 70 is available with a minimum order quantity of five for the integration boat at the design stage. Please get in touch with the details of your design and application.


THE HYDRAPAK can be delivered as an on-deck pack which can be  mounted near the transom of the boat. The powerpack height works well as a seat for pilot or passengers and allows for any console size or placement.


THE HYDRASOL can be delivered within an all-aluminium console, making installation easier and reducing the modification required on the donor hull. This option utilizes patent pending through-hull wet exhaust technology for improved power output.


If neither the hydrasol or hydrapak solution is suitable for your design, work with Sealegs to design your own bespoke integration solution.
Contact us to discuss custom integration →

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3 New amphibious boat

Sealegs-enabled boats make the ultimate pleasure boat, the fastest first response vehicle or an effective tactical interceptor, Whatever your current market, Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES) can make it better.


  • Get the amphibious boat you want from the builder of your choice
  • Cusomise your boat and enjoy all the benefits of being amphibious
  • Make the most of your investment and enjoy more time on the water


  • Open New Markets
  • Increase revenues and product offering
  • Improve existing products
  • Differentiate your brand from other builders



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